Ideal Datum is consulting company operating in the medical and pharmaceutical industry

We provide consulting services in the area of strategic and business planning, audits of operational efficiency and quality of medical facilities, audits of marketing and sales teams, creation of marketing strategies for medical, pharmaceutical and private healthcare institutions. We are a team of experienced managers, people with passion and practical knowledge acquired in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. We specialize in the implementation of projects aimed at increasing efficiency.

We conduct pharmaceutical consulting on the basis of a detailed analysis of the existing situation, thanks to which we then prepare recommendations for changes aimed at achieving a visible improvement in the effects of operations.

Our advantage is business experience. Our work focuses on creating strategies, solutions aimed at increasing efficiency, we use both proven in practice and innovative ideas.


Our mission and activity are based on fundamental values that dictate our work, both as individuals and company

We achieve unique and ambitious goals based on ethics, commitment and discipline.

We work with passion and commitment for each client.

We show respect in everything we do, both to the client and to each other.

We respect data integrity. We are guided by the integrity and ethics that accompany all of our activities.

We appreciate that we have the honor to be employed by those whom we serve and offer our services.

Everything we do, we do for the good and success of our clients.






  • “Companies that grow through development and improvements will not die. But when a company ceases to be creative, when it thinks it has reached perfection and now it just needs to produce – after it.”

    – Henry Ford –

  • “Managers must not only be decision-makers, but also inspirers capable of motivating people.”

    – Lee Iacocca –

  • “A bad system will always beat a good man.”

    – W. Edwards Deming –

  • “Improvement usually means doing something we’ve never done before.”

    – Shigeo Shingo –



Audit of medical facilities – Compass Point – is an advisory project which goal is to provide Polish medical market entrepreneurs with a professional tool supporting the efficiency and quality of medical services (procedures) in the medical facilities they manage (clinic, hospital, private practice) – both in the public sector and and private.

Compass Point was based on the Swiss program to optimize the functioning of medical procedures. On the Polish market, this is an original project dedicated to medical facilities.

The project offers proven Swiss solutions tailored to the needs of the Polish market.


Audit of marketing and sales teams is a research and consulting tool that aims to improve the quality and efficiency of commercial teams from companies operating in the pharmaceutical, medical or related industries.

The purpose of the audit is to analyze processes, behavior, mechanisms governing the sales and marketing department, assess competencies, involvement, individual approach, and team cooperation.

As a result of the audit, we develop solutions that meet current market requirements and match the company’s expectations and internal conditions. We prepare recommendations for actions and activities that are to contribute to the implementation of business assumptions. In the case of further cooperation in the implementation of the developed recommendations, we adapt the training variants to the level of advancement and competence of employees, we monitor and supervise the implementation of activities, their enforcement and implementation by the sales and marketing team.


In addition to consulting services, we also offer the possibility of hiring an external marketing department to run the product at every stage of its development: from launch to launch. As part of cooperation, we provide professional preparation of the basic elements of medical and pharmaceutical marketing, including preparation and development of a strategy, marketing plan, tactical plan, product presentations, internet action strategies, etc.

We have experience in running products on the open and closed market regarding conventional, biotechnological and biosimilar therapies. We carry out short and long-term works. You decide when and for how long you want to use our services. We are flexible and we can adapt to your expectations and requirements. We offer all competences that have a Product Manager, Marketing Manager or Business Unit Manager in your company. Thanks to us you save on recruitment and employment costs of additional people.


Our consulting services are directed to clients conducting activities within the framework of classic pharmaceutical marketing who want to include online activities in their marketing mix. Content campaigns designed and conducted in cooperation with experts, based on the highest quality medical content, are a perfect complement to substantive promotional activities. As part of consulting services, we help in configuring online and offline activities to achieve synergies at every stage of the marketing strategy.

An additional benefit of working with us is the improvement of promotional activities conducted by a team of representatives.

The proper use of analyzes of spontaneous statements of patients on online forums allows to improve the communication of representatives with doctors and pharmacists.


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audits of commercial teams


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Rafał Zasiewski

Since 1999, he has gained experience and achieved success in sales and on marketing management positions. For 15 years, he was associated with Novartis – Swiss pharmaceutical company. In 2011, as a leader of the international team of ophthalmic unit managers in Novartis, he built and developed marketing strategies in the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Poland. He introduced innovative projects to optimize operations and manage product strategy in the face of the emergence of competition on the market.

Since 2015, he co-founded the Ideal Datum company, whose main product is Compass Point – Clinics Audit, which is a consultancy service based on Swiss standards, providing Polish entrepreneurs with a professional tool supporting operational efficiency. As part of its business, it also audits the effectiveness of sales and marketing teams in companies in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Bartosz Malczewski

In the pharmaceutical industry since 1996. Pharmacist by education with MBA. He created marketing strategies in global pharmaceutical companies such as Merck Sharp & Dohme, Novartis, Abbott. He began his career as a Product Manager managing a number of innovative products, continued his marketing experience as a marketing manager, and since 2008 he was the sales manager responsible for a team of specialists promoting both mature drugs on the open market and innovative specialist drugs.

From 2009 as the department director and as a member of the management board, he was responsible for the full financial result of the marketing and sales team on the open market, and later on the specialist market of biological medicines. In 2010, he was responsible for the integration process of Abbott Laboratories commercial teams with Solvay Pharmaceuticals.

In 2012, he started creating and manages 2Pharma, which specializes in online marketing of medical content. He also conducts training in pharmaceutical marketing as part of the Pharmaceutical Marketing Academy.

Since 2015, he has been co-creating and developing the Compass Point project based on Swiss standards, which is an advisory service providing Polish entrepreneurs with a professional tool supporting the effectiveness of medical services in the medical facilities they manage.



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